Studer Innotec - VarioTrack Series

Studer Innotec - VarioTrack Series

The VarioTrack family consists of 3 models of MPPT solar charge controllers for systems with solar PV capacity from 0.6 - 75kWp (with 15 in parallel), a PV input voltage up to 150Vdc, and 12, 24 or 48V battery banks.


With the MPPT solar charge controllers of the VarioTrack series, each installation is the best it can be with a maximized battery life due to an optimal charge.



A VarioTrack charge controller utilises a sophisticated algorithm that ensures the maximum available power from the solar PV modules is delivered to the batteries.



The device meets the highest industry standards, and due to the high ingress protection rating (IP54), it is especially robust and well suited for difficult environments. In addition, it is fully protected against reversed polarity.


The VarioTrack is designed to be used in all types of solar systems, and the combination of the VarioTrack + Xtender results in a highly efficient system. The communication between the devices permits the synchronisation of the battery charge cycle regardless of the technology (lead-acid, lithium, nickel, etc...). Unlike other all-in-one hybrid solutions, the VarioTrack + Xtender allows to independently select the appropriate capacity of solar PV and inverter-charger, resulting in a more finely tuned system design.

Studer Innotec - VarioTrack Series

Features and Performances


  • Ensures optimal energy production.
  • Tracking efficiency: >99%.
  • Conversion efficiency: >97%.
  • 4 step charger for longer battery life.
  • 8 predefined battery charge curves as standard.
  • Free programming of the battery's load curve with the RCC-02/-03.
  • Low self-consumption: <1W in night mode.
  • Protection against incorrect wiring.
  • Protection against reverse polarity.
  • Fully configurable.
  • IP54 enclosure.
  • Comprehensive display, programming and data logging with the RCC-02/-03.
  • Up to 15 VarioTrack in parallel on the same communication bus.
  • Communication sets with Xcom-LAN, Xcom-GSM, Xcom-SMS (opt.).
  • Compatible with all PV systems.
  • Optimal usage in an Xtender system with synchronized battery management.
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